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Université de Montréal Department of chemistry

Masson, Jean-François

Associate professor

Ph.D.: Arizona State University (2005)


Masson, Jean-François   
Office: S-336
Pavilion: Roger-Gaudry
Phone: 514 343-7342
Web Site: Site


Development of surface plasmon resonance (SPR) spectroscopy as state-of-the-art technology for bioanalytical applications. 1. Miniaturization of optical SPR biosensors to develop scanning probe SPR microscopy. The research group is developing methodology to enable the miniaturization of SPR biosensors for their integration in atomic force microscopy (AFM). This will allow a great improvement of spatial resolution of SPR sensors. The application of the miniature SPR biosensors will open new research endeavours in cell and disease research. 2. Improvement of conventional configuration SPR biosensors for applied bioanalysis. The research group is developing novel SPR biosensors to overcome current SPR limitations, to improve detection of low molecular weight molecules and of biomolecules in real biological samples. SPR biosensors developed in the group are applied towards the detection of pharmaceutical compounds and cancer markers, and to monitor molecular transport through cellular membranes. Novel monolayer chemistry is also investigated for biosensor design.

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